Douglas announces bid for Supreme Court

CHARLESTON, W.Va., Feb. 28, 2020 – As a longtime attorney and family law judge, Jim Douglas knows that the court system should serve families, not special interests.

That’s why Douglas is running for a seat on the Supreme Court in West Virginia’s Division 2.

Douglas, who has been a family court judge in Kanawha County since 2017 and served in private practice for nearly 40 years, doesn’t believe the great majority of West Virginia people are concerned with all the bills being proposed in the 2020 Legislative session.

“What is important to my people is whether or not that grandparent is going to get to see that little grandchild whose custody is in the middle of a divorce, or whether that single working mom is going to get her child support, or whether that divorced dad can stop his ex from moving his kids out of state, or whether the little children of opioid addicted parents can be placed with other family members,” Douglas said.

“This court needs someone who will stop and say, ‘but what about the kids?’” Douglas noted. “Someone who will put the brakes on those Justices with no family law experience.”

Douglas knows family law. He taught it as an adjunct professor for Glenville State College and Fairmont State College. And he has the support of people like former West Virginia Gov. Gaston Caperton and former State Senate President Jeff Kessler

As a Supreme Court Justice, Douglas wants to focus on issues that affect real families.

“To finally put families first, I am for including in the Supreme Court’s budget funding for day care centers at each family court district in the state so people can come to court without babysitting problems or costs,” Douglas stated. “Also, I think the Supreme Court could order administratively mandatory once-a-month Saturday family courts so people won’t have to miss work to come to family court. And I’m for adequate funding for foster care families within the Supreme Court budget.”

While most candidates are promising impartiality and fiscal responsibility, former West Virginia Supreme Court Administrator Steve Canterbury said Douglas is talking about things that matter to ordinary West Virginians.

“There’s one guy, Jim Douglas, and he’s talking about issues,” Canterbury said recently on WCHS radio. “I think he’s someone to watch.”

“It is so important that we re-establish the importance of family law on the court,” Douglas told the West Virginia Record newspaper. “We also need to bring back practical experience,” he added.

“Some of those on the Supreme Court currently have never cross-examined a witness,” Douglas said. “They have never picked a jury or argued before the Supreme Court.

“My heart lies with family law,” Douglas said. “Kids and family must come first, finally, and the Supreme Court needs someone with that experience. Someone who will work to prioritize children and champion the need for guardians and will not be afraid to give voice to doing the right thing.”

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